Monday, July 28, 2014

Sweet Night of Play at #sweetsuite14

photo credit Janice Croze for Blogger Bash
Being out of the personal blogisphere for quite a while means that attending Blogger Bash (#bbnyc) and #sweetsuite14 was the first "conference" I was attending in about 3 years.  Hard to believe, the last conference I went to was She Streams in 2011.   
While they were the same conference, they were respectively 2 events.  Sweet Suite 14 was an awesome party that delivered on all of it's promises.  Lots of face time with different brands such as Fashion Angels, Fisher Price, Kidz Bop, Hasbro, Boogie Board, Lego, Mega Blocks, V-Tech, and that's only naming a few, for the full list you can check out the sponsors here

My top five faves of this event are:

1. The Theming - Charlene DeLoach, Joey Fortman, and The Big Toy Book did such an amazing job creating an esthetically gorgeous event.  It was so much fun to see what each room had in store. Especially the Stella Afterparty.
photo credit Janice Croze for Blogger Bash

photo credit Janice Croze for Blogger Bash

photo credit Stephanie Glover for Blogger Bash

photo credit Stephanie Glover for Blogger Bash

2. Toys for all ages and interests - There was such a variety of representation at the event.  So many interests were covered, to be honest it was overwhelming at points, because I realized that I missed a lot. 

3.  Time for Mama to play and be a kid again - Let's face it, I'm a big kid.  I always will be, so being able to play with the toys hands on was awesome.  Especially seeing some great toys from my own youth have a new spin.
4. The Organization of the Event - Giving props to those mentioned in #1, this event while it had so many moving parts was so completely organized and it didn't skip a beat.  If there were any hiccups - we sure as heck didn't see it.  

5. Seeing old blogging friends meeting new - A great tool that I throughly enjoyed in helping to know what to expect was being able to interact and make new friends before hand on Facebook and Twitter.   Especially being able to finally put a person with someone who I've been interacting with over the computer - and those that aren't so far 
from me!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

NJ Balloon Festival

We headed over to the NJ Balloon Festival last night to watch the balloons take off. I have to say it was a pretty amazing sight. 

My kids were not exactly excited when we were on our way. However after the first couple took off I couldn't get them to leave! It was absolutely beautiful to watch. 

We didn't get tickets because well they were just expensive and honestly we just wanted to see them take off. We ended up paying $10 to park(total deal!) and watched it from the trunk of the car. If you want tickets for the 32nd annual Balloon Festival, you can purchase them online here:

I wish I had brought snacks and stayed longer. Even on the way home we got to see the balloons flying overhead. They were so close we could hear them-totally freaked my kids out and they loved it. 

The squeals and shrieks of laughter coming from the back seat as we left were great. They are already asking to go again next year. Maybe I will surprise them and go again tonight!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Roller Skating 7th Birthday

My baby turned 7. I have no clue when that happened. We don't do big birthday parties every year, but this year Seven decided she really wanted a skating party. Thankfully we have a semi-local place that is great.  I had fun doing a couple of crafts for her party. This is probably the least amount of crafting/making things for a birthday in a few years. I usually go crazy, but I'm slowly learning how to edit myself. I also attribute that to my other two being around to make any and all crafting impossible. For this party I just made her water bottle wrappers, favors, and cupcakes.

Everyone had a great time. All the kids loved their favors and not a whole lot made it past the door. 

Baby Reenie and Harpo trying to skate. 

The cupcake and favor set up.

And blowing out the candles!

Happy Birthday Seven!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

DIY - Duct Tape Water Bottle Wrappers

One of the crafts I did for Seven's birthday was duct tape water bottle wrappers. After speaking to the rink her party was being held at, I found out I could bring water/drinks and the desserts.

I wanted to do the smaller waters since they are smaller and would have a better chance of not having 3 sips taken and then left. I didn't want to leave them plain. I have seen the specialty wrappers but I am not a fan. Mostly because of the cost of printing and when they get wet or the water "sweats" the wrapper was not what I wanted to do. 

Instead I got some of the fun duct tape from Michael's(used a 40% coupon too!) and wrapped them. Much easier AND when wet/cold the tape stays on and doesn't run. Here is what they ended up looking like. One roll of the special tape normally cost $4.99 with 40% off it was $3 and covered about 45 mini bottles.