Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gogogirlfriend is at it again!!

Hey Everyone! If you liked my giveaway last week, you'll love this new one, this week!

It's brought to you again by the great folks at GogoGirlfriend! For those of you who did not read last week's post, and are wondering "What in the heck is GogoGirlfriend?" I'll do a brief recap of this awesome company that I love.

In fact, I just got my January box today, and it was filled with Dior Blush, an amazing Branded J Collections Scarlett brush for eye shadow and concealer, Jamela face mask, Coastal Scents had a great pink travel pouch, that you bet your butt I'm taking with me to New Orleans Thurs - Sun because it has some perfect cosmetic brushes for on the go! 

How many times have you bought new products and they end up under the bathroom sink, in the back of a kitchen cupboard, in the bottom of your cosmetic drawer? If you add up all the dollars you spent on brands that just weren't right for you, well you know what that has cost you, we have all been there. Buying new products without having the experience of actually using it is always a dilemma and hoping it performs as the advertisement or the packaging promises is always a risk purchase.
GoGogirlfriend members have the opportunity to try health, beauty or home products to help in making that tough decision. Feel confident in making that purchase, because you already know that it was perfect for you!
The generous trial sizes give you an opportunity to try for a week or more - helping you to fairly evaluate in making future purchases.
Our sponsors are listening...let them know what you think about their product - your opinion matters! Every opinion is an entry into our Girlfriend Giveaway and a chance to earn reward points.

What I love about GoGogirlfriend, is that I can give feedback on the products that I've gotten to try.  The value for the money is insane, you get a box valued at around $100.  What does being a member mean? 

It means you get:

GoGogirlfriend Gift Box
Special Member Only Discount Price in our GoGogirlfriend store
Earn Reward Points to Redeem for Products or Free Gift Boxes
Special Girlfriend Discounts from our sponsors via email
GoGogirlfriend Newsletters
Member Only Giveaways
Earn rewards by completing sponsor reviews (easy) 
5% of Your Membership Fees are Donated to the Lynne Cohen Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research

There are two different types of memberships:
Regular Membership
    ·$6.99 a month ($13.98 billed every 2 months)
    ·free box shipped every 2 months
Premium Membership
    ·$12.99 a month
    ·free box shipped every month

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review.  .All thoughts and opinions are my own. I believe in this product, and requested to submit a review. If you would like to read my full disclosure, you can do so by clicking here