Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Lucille Roberts Blogger Makeover Update

So this past weekend was a pretty mellow one, compared to the norm.  Friday, I had an abbreviated session with Nicole at Lucille Roberts in Delran, she took it easy on me, as I have just recovered from a sinus infection and an ear infection.  We did a 15 minute elliptical interval, that to me was insane, and really hard.  But I got through it! So that's pretty awesome that I made it through.  We then did 15 minutes of pilates. 

Saturday was spent relaxing, catching up on some blogging stuff, and processing some current issues that popped up that day. My husband went to his goddaughter's birthday party, and then we relaxed for the evening, and I turned in early. 

I love days catching up, because I get to read about some great tips, for instance, on the Lucille Roberts Blog - they had an article about how sleeping can affect weight loss (who'd a thought, yet another reason I'd have to worry about my hormones), and what food cravings really mean.  Some pretty good stuff in there! Plus I get to catch up on the other ladies that are participating in the Lucille Roberts Blogger Makeover, and see how they are doing in their journey. This week it was great to see updates from Carol at NYCityMama and Issa at Single Mama NYC.

With all that motivation, I was up and at 'em on Sunday morning, it was back at Lucille Roberts, this time in Audubon. For a full on session. Which did get a bit easier.  I do have a video to share from the day. After that, I visited with family, saw my parents, sisters, and niece. Then hubs and I took Lexi for a walk around Berlin Lake Park, which later led to a jog!

Here's my video update!

Disclaimer: I have been given a complimentary 6-month membership and 12 weeks of personal training in order to get the full experience of what Lucille Roberts has to offer, in this ongoing project.  I will be sharing with you all of my thoughts, and feelings - be it good or bad, as providing you with honest reviews is my policy.  Every result will vary by person to person, and I know that it is ultimately up to me and my efforts to be successful.  Lucille Roberts gives me the tools necessary.