Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Fall Showers

I guess it was only fitting to go to my cousin's baby shower, while it was sleeting/hailing/snowing out! lol. Can you believe that? Snow in NJ in October? I'm definitely not ready for this winter.

At the end of my very first week on my new job, I was exhausted. But a good, over-stimulated, lots of creative goodness, exhausted! I headed over to my sister's house for a bow party that she was hosting.  Such adorable bows, and even better prices. You should go check Heather's site out, let her know that I sent you over - here's a link to her Etsy Shop. What was even better than the bows, was I got to see some great ladies I haven't seen in ages.  To see one of those special ladies in particular warmed my heart, and gave me a big smile. She's a very wonderful woman, and I am blessed to call her a friend! :) Mrs. C.

When I woke up on Saturday and saw the weather, I definitely wanted to not leave my bed all day, but we had bigger and better plans! Nicole's Baby Shower. (she didn't want to leave the house either - but it's a good thing she did)

Here's some pictures from the day.

Looking down on the table, you'll see some various craft projects done by my mom & dad, sister & brother-in-law, and your's truly!

My diaper cake - too bad they didn't make it to the World Series!

Christie and Drew made this awesome firehouse bookshelf!

My mom and dad made this cute little firetruck basket!

The proud parents-to-be.

Mommy-to-be and Grandma-to-be

And of course, how could I resist taking a picture of little Miss Riley and her momma! (testing out my new external flash too)

Another good pic of my mom and Britt!

Then, sadly, there's really nothing interesting to report for Sunday.  I spent the day doing laundry, dishes, and cleaning.  I helped my neighbor make a gory dish for a Halloween Contest she's having at her work tomorrow.  Then I looked over materials for work for a while, and enhanced some of my tech needs to help my productivity, then blogged for a little bit, all while the hubs was at the Eagles game.  Which thankfully they won, so I can have a happy husband for the next week.

What else did everyone do this weekend?  Did you get any snow??